Wild Heresies Book

Wild Heresies, by Madeleine Alchemy

Wild Heresies is a fiction novel that I’m writing and plan to publish in 2020 on Amazon. The story is composed of an outer novel that is a modern romance betweetn two writers. The inner novel follows the stories, heresies, and legends from the first century surrounding ancient bloodlines, especially focusing on Yeshua, Mary Magdalene, and the history of the elite who have controlled most of life on this Earth.

Did these the teachers known as Yeshua (AKA Jesus or Isa) and Mary Magdalene actually exist? Some people think that their stories are just myths. On her travels abroad Evie gathers local legends, coded texts, and wild heresies about the first century. The pieces fit together like a jigsaw puzzle and she is inspired to write the story of intriguing journeys, unusual families ties, and powerful teachings.

A challenging turn of events leads her to an important decision. She decides to trust the urgings of her own heart. On her unfolding path she meets Soufian, a scientist and fellow author. Their research dovetails perfectly and addresses similar questions.

The two writers embark on an international quest to discover more historical clues, retrieve an ancient manuscript protected by Soufian’s tribe, and share their findings. This novel dares to be heretical and to explore how new scientific discoveries align with the ancient teachings held by wisdom keepers around the world.

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